Commercial Litigation Lawyer Montreal

Business people face many threats and concerns when they own a business. A commercial dispute poses the greatest threat to your financial future and growth. Your business cannot grow when there are unresolved disputes. You will need to hire a Montreal commercial litigation lawyer who is aware of how critical your situation is and can use all of the tools at their disposal to help your case. Alternative conflict resolution options such as mediation and arbitration are also available to save you time and money.

Examples of Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is very complex because it covers various areas of the law, from banking, insurance, contract, tort, legal responsibility, tax, fiscal, international law, consumer law, and more. There are different legal complexities regarding business ownership, and you need a law firm capable of handling these issues. Some commercial conflicts that can arise include:

  • Shareholder conflicts
  • Penalty clauses
  • Debt collection
  • Non-competition clauses
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Merchandise and property defects
  • Debt collection
  • Commercial leases
  • Hypothecary matters
  • Agent liability
  • Executive and director liability and conflict
  • Buyer and Seller disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Executive Employment matters
  • International commercial disputes

The goal of many commercial litigation lawyers in Montreal is to avoid going into litigation and instead use alternative forms of dispute resolution. However, litigation may be the only option in some circumstances.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

You do not want to go to trial when there is a dispute and spend months or years fighting through the court system. Finding other ways to handle your case is cost-effective and time-saving. Instead, you want a lawyer who can formulate a legal strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Litigation is a last resort due to the costs and time you will need to invest. You may be able to resolve your dispute through mediation and negotiation efforts. Mediation focuses on helping two or more parties reach an agreement. A neutral party will act as a liaison between you and the other entity. The mediator will not decide on the case but will help move the process along for both parties. Resolving a dispute through mediation means you will save money and time and gives you control over the future of the claim. Both parties will need to come to an agreement.

Arbitration will be another option if the parties cannot resolve the matter through mediation and do not want to go to court, or if it is provided for in the contract.

How a Montreal Commercial Litigation Lawyer Helps

You should have a business lawyer on call from the inception of your business to help you navigate all of the legal complexities. A Montreal business lawyer can act as a protection against potential disputes. Not all conflicts are avoidable, so you will also need a Montreal commercial litigation lawyer who can review contracts and handle disputes effectively. You will need a lawyer who can resolve conflicts creatively and promptly and avoid unnecessary legal conflicts. Additionally, our firm can inform you of your options and the possible outcomes. A lawyer who can offer alternative dispute resolutions is key to winning your claim. While having a Montreal commercial litigation lawyer who can provide alternative dispute resolutions is essential, you also need a firm with trial experience.

Franklin & Franklin

Getting involved in a commercial litigation dispute can be detrimental to your business if not dealt with appropriately. Before taking action, our Montreal commercial litigation lawyers sit down with their clients to determine their objectives and decide whether mediation, arbitration, or litigation is the best route, weighing costs against potential outcomes. Our clients include public and private companies, banks, franchise owners, lenders, accountants, and mortgagees who are facing contract disputes, shareholders’ disputes, breach of contract claims, banking, insurance, contract, tort, legal responsibility, tax, fiscal, international law, and executive employment matters.

Our Montreal commercial litigation lawyers represent you before the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal of Quebec, Superior and Quebec courts, administrative tribunals, arbitrators, and mediators to help resolve your contract disputes.

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