Criminal Defence Lawyers Montreal

When you face a criminal charge of any kind, there is a lot on the line. Having a criminal record can affect your ability to obtain employment, rent an apartment, obtain a loan, enrol in higher education, travel internationally, and create a stigma around you with family and friends. Fortunately, a criminal charge does not necessarily have to lead to a conviction. Even if it does, there are steps that a lawyer can take to mitigate the consequences you will face. The Montreal criminal defence lawyers at Franklin & Franklin will work to protect your rights and build a defence against the charges you face.

Types of Criminal Case Law’s We Handle

The Montreal criminal defence lawyers at Franklin & Franklin handle all types of cases, including the following:

  • Violent crimes
  • Homicide
  • Firearm and weapons offices
  • Theft
  • Breaking and entering
  • Domestic violence
  • Fraud
  • Extorsions
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Counterfeiting
  • Perjury
  • Arson
  • Impaired driving
  • Hit and run
  • Criminal negligence
  • Dangerous driving
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault
  • Assault with a weapon causing bodily harm
  • Criminal mischief
  • Obstruction
  • White-collar crimes
  • Homicide
  • Narcotics offences
  • Drug possession
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Traffic violations
  • Abduction
  • Assault on a police or peace officer


While not an exhaustive list, it is always in your best interest to speak with an experienced Montreal criminal defence lawyer about the charges levied against you. An attorney can review the charges, how the arrest was handled, and the purported evidence against you, and provide you with an honest assessment of your legal options.

How a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Montreal Can Help You

The benefits of having a Montreal criminal defence lawyer on your side can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Some of the specific ways in which our team can help include:

Evaluate How the Police Handled the Arrest

Evaluating the way the police conducted their investigation and your arrest is one of the most important reasons for having a criminal defence lawyer represent you. In the event that your rights were violated, it may be possible to have any evidence obtained against you excluded from court, which can, in turn, result in the charges against you being dropped.

Determining whether any Defences Apply

An attorney can also determine whether you can raise any legal defences to the charges against you. Some of the most common defences we utilize for our clients facing criminal charges include the following:

  • A violation of your Charter rights
  • You have an alibi that puts you somewhere else at the time of the crime
  • Self-defence
  • You were defending someone else
  • You were defending your property
  • Mistake of law/mistake of fact
  • You were under duress or coercion
  • You committed the crime out of necessity

Attempting to Negotiate a Plea Bargain

In some cases, the best course of action is to negotiate a plea bargain with the crown prosecutors handling your case. Plea bargains typically involve pleading guilty to a lesser charge or in return for a less severe sentence. They often benefit both sides, allowing defendants to have some control of the outcome of their cases while saving the Crown the time and expense of conducting a trial.

Represent You in Court

If your case goes to trial, our experienced criminal defence lawyers are prepared to represent you in court. We have experience arguing cases in front of various judges in and around Montreal. We have access to expert witnesses, investigative services, and other means to build a defence against the charges you face.

Speak With a Montreal Criminal Defence Lawyer Today

Have you been charged with a crime in Montreal? Was a loved one arrested? No matter who is facing criminal charges, you should always seek the representation of an experienced Montreal criminal defence lawyer. Call the office of Franklin & Franklin at 1-800-935-3576 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment today.