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Family is the best part of your life. Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t work out, and you need to take legal measures to protect your rights. There are many family law topics, and you want to have a family lawyer in Montreal who is working for you. The emotional and financial implications are intense, and you may be unable to handle the legal aspect on top of that. Separation can feel like a death, and you need time to heal and adapt to your new life. When there are children in the mix, emotions run even higher, and you do not want to miss out on quality time with your child simply because things didn’t work out in the marriage or civil union, including same sex marriages or unions. No matter how complex your family legal matter is, you need an experienced family lawyer in Montreal, Laval, South Shore, Valleyfield and the Laurentians from Franklin & Franklin.

Most separation and divorce matters end up getting settled “out of court” by lawyers representing the respective parties and protecting their interests. Going to court is often not necessary, as competent attorneys can often advise you on settlement of your divorce or separation.

Child Custody

The most contentious legal matter on the family law spectrum is child custody. The custody issue affects not only the couple but the children as well. The rest of their lives are in the balance and will change depending on the legal decision. It is essential that both parents can form and continue to build a connection with the child. A child custody arrangement aims to ensure a healthy relationship between parents and the child, regardless of the parents’ relationship status. What is best for the child should be at the forefront of all legal matters.

Marital Agreements

When a union ends, it can be difficult for both parties. While you might think you can move out and begin a new life, doing so is not always possible. Throughout the marriage, you have gotten to a good financial system and flow in the union. When it comes time to separate, everything changes. Do not try to file for divorce alone. People who do this often sign agreements that they live to regret. Instead, call a Montreal family lawyer to file for divorce and ensure their separation agreement is beneficial and covers all aspects of the separation. You must address many issues, including support, custody, and property division.

Child Support

When there is a separation, not only will the relationship suffer, but there are also financial concerns to address. No matter the status of the parents, the child must receive financial support from the non-custodial parent. A Montreal family lawyer will need to collect facts and evidence to show the court how much you can afford and how much you contributed to the home previously.

Quebec encourages spouses to become independent and care for their own financial needs after a marriage ends, which complicates spousal support. Additionally, alimony, also known as spousal support, can be awarded after a divorce. Spousal support can be temporary, barring any exceptional circumstances.

Division of Property

During the marriage or civil union, you acquire joint property and may have brought property into the marriage. When the union no longer works, you must now divide the property. If there is no prenuptial agreement, then property division becomes difficult. Both parties must show proof of the property they brought into the marriage and what was acquired during the marriage. Next, the court will need to divide the property. Sometimes, credit can be given for certain property brought into a marriage. The joint property can mean you must sell the property and split the profit, or one party will have access, and the other party will lose access.

Franklin & Franklin

Individuals involved in family disputes should seek the services of a Montreal family lawyer who will deal with marital agreements, child custody, and access issues, spousal and child support, guardianships, division of property, and business and property valuations. If you are contesting paternity, our family lawyers can explain your rights and represent you in paternity suits. Our Montreal family law attorney will advise you whether your case can be dealt with through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration or whether it needs to go to trial.

Family law lawyers assist parties by ensuring that support payments are made and ensure that equalization of assets is enforced. Our Montreal family lawyers work with other professionals such as social workers, financial advisors, and mental health specialists to resolve familial issues.

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