Bankruptcy Lawyer Montreal

Individuals and businesses turn to our Montreal bankruptcy lawyers experienced in bankruptcy or insolvency law when they are facing a need to reorganize, liquidate, go into receivership or declare bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyers also provide advice to creditors, debtors, trustees and receivers regarding financial restructuring.

Our bankruptcy lawyers will help you to determine whether bankruptcy is the best solution for you. We will advise companies and their executives of their legal responsibilities and liabilities. In the event of bankruptcy, our Montreal bankruptcy lawyers will go before a judge to present your case, as well as attend creditor meetings on your behalf.

In the event an important supplier, client or customer seeks or is forced to seek creditor protection or is adjudged bankrupt, our insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers will advise you as to your rights, options, obligations, recourses and remedies.

Should you receive a demand from a bankruptcy trustee to reimburse any payments you received claiming a fraudulent preference or reviewable transaction, our Montreal bankruptcy lawyers will discuss your options and if required represent you in court.

Contact our Montreal bankruptcy lawyers today for more information on bankruptcy law in Montreal.