Maître Mary Teresa Panetta

Associate Attorney, Montreal

Maître Mary Teresa Panetta has practiced as criminal and penal defense attorney since being called to the Quebec Bar in 2006. She holds a bachelor of Law from Université de Montreal. Prior to obtaining her law degree she obtained a bachelor of Education from McGill University and taught in several schools.

Her areas of law practice include defending all criminal offences in virtue of the Canadian criminal Code (and its annexed-related laws) both for adults and youth offenders that include (but are not limited to): fraud, theft, extortion, threats, assault, sexual assault, weapon and or all firearm offences, drug trafficking and or possession, conspiracy, etc.

She also has extensive experience and specializes in defending cases involving traffic violations (in virtue of both the Highway safety code and or Criminal code). These offences include: dangerous driving, hit and run, driving under the influence-with drug and or alcohol , care and control , excessive speeds, all other traffic violations(traffic tickets and demerit point management) , driver license suspension for demerit points and restricted driving permits etc.

Her other related areas of practice include defending all other penal matters (i.e.: revenue Quebec). She also offers legal counsel and assistance for the preparation of record suspensions (“pardons’) requests to the Parole Board of Canada.

She treats each client with professionalism and purposeful consideration in being proactive in providing you with the best defense and or remedy possible

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