Sylvia Lévesque

Researcher, Montreal

With a diploma in legal techniques, Sylvia Lévesque also studied at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal.

She has worked as a Legal Researcher for over 20 years. She has collaborated in the writing of several conference texts and doctrine articles. The key to her success is due to her involvement with cases from beginning to end.

Much more than a simple case law bank, all research furnished by Sylvia Lévesque constitutes a full doctrinal and jurisprudential analysis, which is up to date and provides the latest and most recent case law.

The research is made after consulting computerized case law banks, as well as the main law libraries. All research is made with precision, speed and professionalism in all areas of law. With solid experience in library and computer environments, Sylvia Lévesque is an essential part of our team.